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The DeeDee Project

Hello! Hey! Hi! Welcomeeee

Yes, I’m back I’m backkkk *screaming*. I know people (especially my mum) have been shouting “Hmm DeeDee that your blog what’s happening?”. Lmao, this is it! Something is happening! My first post in forever so please no more tears I’m here.

Well if it’s your first time on this blog from the title you probably already know my name is DeeDee. You are welcome! and thank you for spending your valuable time reading this.

If you read my About Me that was posted 2 years ago (wow time goes by really fast right!) I would say get ready for a new person. The person who initially started the blog and the person writing this now are two totally different people, trust me I would know. But nowwwww I’m back and so much better 💃🏼💃🏼

The past few months and years of my life have been amazing…

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Plantain Mosa Recipe- #Nigeriansmallchopsrecipe

If you are Nigerian, and eat small chops a lot, you have probably encountered this delicious snack. I have been eating this thing for a long time, but I didn’t know the name. During my internship, we would have small chops provided for meetings. One day I asked them what this small round ball near the puff-puff was, and they told me its mosa. Ever since then, mosa is my favorite thing in the small chops pack. This is my take on it. You can tweak and twat as you wish. Let me know if you try it, and how it goes for you.

Beautiful Mosa


  • Overripe plantains- 2
  • Yeast- 1 tsp
  • Flour- 1cup
  • Nutmeg- a pinch
  • Salt and pepper- to taste
  • Onions
  • Oil for frying

Mixture before frying

  1. Mash your plantains very well. Add your yeast mixture. (I did not use instant yeast, so mine had to be…

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Protect Your Space

Millennial Haven

I believe all of us can agree that social media has a huge impact on today’s society. Whether it’s personal or business, private or public, social media has ‘infected’ every aspect of our lives. Now, this isn’t a bad thing, of course, what I do find questionable is why so many of us choose to disregard that fact. It’s easy to say that social media helps us stay connected and allows us to not only manage our businesses but to grow, advertise and market them to a broad variety of people. As a communications student and a person living and breathing in 2018, I can admit that social media is a very powerful tool. Now I’m not trying to bash social media or call it the devil. Social media, like everything in life, has its pros and cons. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about social media and…

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The Suya Salad

No need for my regular opening apologies because mans is actually updating the blog regularly now. Alright, so Boom let’s do this.

do this

This is the first time I am eating a dish as I type its blog post. Interesting isn’t it? It is 2AM, I am eating a salad my body must be like “my guy you are eating late but eating healthy”

harveygiphy (2)

The last time I had suya in Nigeria the mallam cut up and added some cabbage… he charged me N300. I did not see him add the cabbage in it and the package felt really bulky, I thought it was all suya meat in it, only to get home… yes I was furious as you can tell.

the office workplace GIF

But yes! If he had the audacity to cut in cabbage and tomatoes well then why can’t we make it a Salad right? So that’s what I did. But you know…

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Reflection on my Presentation

Blog post topic:

Reflect on the video recordings of your presentation.  Did you observe anything interesting about your presentation that you may not have noticed while presenting?  Did you look as scared/confident as you felt when you were presenting?  What other interesting observations do you note from the recording?

Before my presentation I was really scared. I was taking deep breaths and shaking, etc. After my presentation people told me I did well and handled the short time intervals well. I wasn’t even sure if I should believe them to be very honest. Once I was done with my presentation, I just kept thinking, “Well that went by fast”. And I was now the one comforting my group member who thought she let her nerves overcome her. Without watching the recording of my presentation, I had already evaluated myself and knew all the mistakes I made during my presentation. Although, I must admit that I definitely scored myself higher than a 7.5/ 10. More like an 8.5/10 perhaps. Even though I practiced it several times, I forgot to introduce my group member coming up after me. One thing I commend myself for is not dwelling on the fact that my group member took most of the time out of my first slide. Another thing is for adding the last slide to ‘inspire’ my peers. I knew it would make it sink in more for my classmates that they could actually venture into computer graphics or other parts of Computer Science that aren’t treated in UTM. I was happy because I did see about four head nods at that point showing that people were taking in the details. However, as an attempt to not run out of time I also forgot to mention exactly what Andrei Aniculasei does now which is also an important point.

Furthermore, I think I should have put more pictures on the slides for the techniques so it would have appeared as more than just a bunch of names. However, I know I won’t have been able to speak on it or even show the pictures so I won’t beat myself down about it. I also feel like this method shouldn’t be used in future haha. I’d say it should be timed and we should be allowed only short time intervals still, but the time period for each slide should be increased just a little bit. From the recordings and from my memory, I  definitely wasn’t as scared as I was before the presentation even though I did stutter about two or three times. I know I speak English as that is my first language as a Nigerian, but I just had it at the back of my mind that people might not be grasp what I am saying because of my accent. My presentation and my presentation slides could have been better, but I still don’t think I did a bad job and I’ve definitely learned from this experience. Thank you CSC290!

Most Significant Thing …

Blog post topic:

What was the most significant thing you learned this term in CSC290 so far? Your answer should be specific and your blog post should be focused.  Don’t write about what you learned in general.  Pick the most significant thing.  The most significant thing you learned does not have to be related to communication skills or course topics. The most significant thing you learned can be something you learned on your own, in tutorial, through related research, etc.  What you learned could be something about communication skills, about your learning style, about your organizational skills, about the tech industry, etc.

This blog topic left me thinking for hours of what to actually write. I know I learn everyday and learning itself is a very significant process, but I was just unsure of the most significant thing I have learnt this semester. I have learnt that you should never underestimate a course. I have learnt that one must always do further research before venturing into anything at all. I have learnt that computer science might not be for me. Needless to say, I have learnt many things in all aspects of my life. I guess the most significant thing I have learnt this semester is to always believe in myself. First things first, is to believe in God for me. But believing in myself is really important because if I do not believe in myself I cannot even ask God for the things I want because I don’t think I can achieve these things. Believing in myself is also vital because there will always be people who try to push you down or are generally just not invested or interested in you. And that is okay, because you can succeed without people behind you, no matter how hard it is. Believing in yourself makes you more hardworking, keeps you busy most times and helps one even procrastinate less. Believing in yourself helps you know that no matter your midterm grade, you can still come out successful in finals if you just push yourself. Yes, the most significant thing I learnt this semester is definitely to believe in myself.

Blog Post of Week 9

Blog post topic:

Reflect on the lectures/tutorials on team work/group work and communication techniques for working with others (eg. perception check, “I” statements, guest lecturers).  Did you find the activities and materials to be helpful in preparing and in dealing with the group work in this course? Why or why not?  In what ways have you used the materials taught in your group work?  Can you suggest other topics and/or activities that would have helped you? Did you find yourself lacking the right skills in dealing with certain group situations that you’ve encountered?  What was the situation that was challenging? What did you wish you had known? Did you find the guest lecturers and their ‘lecture’ helpful?

Remember that your blogs are public. Maintain your professional and respectful behaviour toward your peers by NOT publicly posting unresolved criticisms about your group member(s), especially if you have not communicated with them about such issues.  

The lectures/ tutorials on team work/ group work and communication techniques have been useful to help reemphasize things I learnt before university from my parents and also from high school. That is, group work is very important. I guess that is the main point of this course. Communication skills of Computer scientists  entails group work to achieve certain things. I think one thing that is important is that my group members are also people that are easy to work with and willing to work. I also can’t say we have encountered any difficulties as a group, however I don’t know what the others filled in for their peer evaluations of me. I have applied the lecture where we discussed how to email our group members and communicate ideas across without undermining other people’s opinions.

Moreover, the second set of guest speakers really had me engaged. This is because they talked more on the things I wanted to know about. It had me thinking about my future, both interviews and how to actually work with others in professional work spaces, etc. I really appreciate all the guest speakers that have spoken to us in general.


Comment on blog post

Blog post topic:

Browse through your classmates’ blog posts.  Respond to/comment on a post of interest.  The post of interest may be one that you disagree with, one that reminds you of something else related to the course, or one that you can relate to in some way.  Explain why the post was interesting to you, along with your response to the post  The post of interest may also be one that you agree with.  In which case, you may explain why you agree or you may add supporting ideas.

Blog I will be commenting on:

I chose to comment on this blog pos because towards the bottom of this post, I saw a line that said, “As for getting me to participate more, I do not think that is possible unless food is involved”. This line literally made me laugh out loud. I know food definitely cannot be an incentive at this level, university. Furthermore, I try my best to participate in my classes (not only CSC290), but I know many people are like me and would definitely appreciate food (such as pizza) passed around in at least one class. The truth is that in a lot of classes I am usually hungry or tired, and this would help me be active so  I love it.

I also wanted to comment on this line: “Participating in groups is not really a problem, but participating in class is kind of hard for me but eventually I will have to get used to it”.  This type of mentality is what we usually have in elementary school and high school. I just wanted to add to the end and basically say the time to act is NOW. However, everyone is different so whatever work best for him/ her. That is, to each his own.

Two-Stage test format

Blog post topic:

What kinds of professional (not personal) emails have you had to write? What is the most important or significant email that you’ve ever had to write so far and why was it so important/significant? What did you do to make it effective?  Aside from the topic (eg. social vs. work related) and the language (eg. informal vs. formal), are there other qualities that differentiate a personal email from a professional email?


Reflect on the two-stage test format.  If this is your first time having a test in this format, what did you think of it?  was it or was it not effective?  What did you like or not like about it?  If you’ve had a two-stage test before, in what ways was this experience different?  How do the two experiences compare?

We had the two stage test format on Monday, February 13th. This was my first time writing a test in this format so I was not sure what to expect. We had been briefed that this test would be split into two parts; one part was going to be done in groups formed by ourselves and the other part would be individual. However, until we wrote the actual test I was unaware that we were going to be repeating the same test we wrote individually. Repeating the individual test has advantages. The second time around you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading the questions over and over. You also get feedback from your group members immediately. For groups that were formed on the spot, my group members and I  worked really well together. However, a disadvantage of repeating the same test or a test with almost the same questions could cause slight confusion. This confusion stems from the fact that at times group members had conflicting answers and it was difficult to decide who was correct or wrong. Each group was also given group names to write in the name slot on the scantron to make it convenient. I do not think it was effective or ineffective to be very honest; this was a test that if one read for they would definitely get a decent grade.

I apologize that this is a fairly short post.